Our company, All For Optical, was established in 2006, with all the experience we had from previous companies. The name All for Optical claim that we can always provide cheap and qualitative solutions through all of our products. We said a big ''no'' to pressure and monopolies and a big ''yes'' to fair competition.

Our company can provide you a wide variety of vision glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, fluids for contact lenses, accessories and machinery. We belong the following Brand Names: INCREDIBLE, VINTAGE, COMPASS, SOLANO, MEZZO, WHITE SHARK, GRAY SHARK, ANNE MARRI, RED VELVET, JENNIFER, PREMIER, OPTIMAX, ROBERTO RICCI, JENS HAGEN, PINOCCHIO, CLASSIC CLUB, LEONARDO, CUBE, AMERICANINO.

Thank you for your preference in us over the years and for the strength you give us in order to become even better.